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    UTMSI research stretches from Port Aransas to Cape Evans, Antarctica. Learn more »
  • Interdepdency
    Sculpture 'Interdependency' Highlights the Connectedness of the Coasts and Oceans - by Kent Ullberg, Sculptor.
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    Learn more About the Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, Texas
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    These snook are part of the Fisheries & Mariculture Lab's research program. Learn more »

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute is the oldest and most significant marine research facility on the Texas coast and is home to cutting-edge scientists, graduate students and educators. The institute helps create more productive fisheries, educates our next generation of scientific leaders, and works to understand how our oceans and coasts are changing through time. Learn more »


  • Tracy Villareal
    Tracy Villareal
  • Zhanfei Lui
    Zhanfei Lui
  • Edward J. Buskey
    Edward J. Buskey
  • G. Joan Holt
    G. Joan Holt
  • Benjamin Walther
    Benjamin Walther
  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas
  • Ken Dunton
    Kenneth Dunton
  • Lee Fuiman
    Lee Fuiman
  • Andrew J. Esbaugh
    Andrew J. Esbaugh
  • Amber K. Hardison
    Amber K. Hardison
  • Wayne Gardner
    Wayne Gardner
  • Bryan Black
    Bryan Black
  • Deana L. Erdner
    Deana L. Erdner
  • James McClelland
    James McClelland